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API Mixtape

Learn how , , , , and more build their APIs!

Thanks for coming to API Mixtape! See you all next year!

May 17, 20179:00am - 6:30pm
Folsom St FoundrySan Francisco, CA
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API MixtapeMorning
Welcome Message
Gregory Koberger, ReadMe
Amanda Folson, GitLab
Your API Is Bad and You Should Feel Bad
Calvin French-Owen, Segment
In search of the 'Goldilocks' API
Duretti Hirpa, Slack
Good APIs make for Good UIs
APIs in the real world
Moderated by Gordon Wintrob, GET PUT POST
Max Kolysh
Sanketh Katta
Tess Rinearson
API MixtapeAfternoon
API Workshop
Introducing ReadMe Build
Dan Schafer, Facebook/GraphQL
GraphQL at Facebook
Alexandr Wang, Scale
Human-powered APIs at Scale
Josh Cincinnati, Lyft
Exposing Public API Endpoints Across Microservices
You’ve launched! Now what?
Moderated by Faraaz Nishtar
Justin Johnson
Matt Pasternack
Cecilia Stallsmith, Slack
So You Want to be an Ecosystem?

What People Said

Why We Did This

Focus on Makers

We've made sure every speaker is someone who actually makes APIs! There won't be any marketing talks from API tools vendors… we wanted people in the trenches building APIs every day.

Something Different

From handing out a book of sketch notes of each talk to closing out the conference with a tech-focused comedian, we wanted an API conference that was informative without taking itself too seriously.


We want anyone building an API to be able to join our community. We've done our best to keep ticket prices reasonable. If you're interested but still can't afford a ticket, please reach out.

We're adopting the Conference Code of Conduct! If you have questions, contact us.

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ReadMe makes tools for API developers. Our docs platform gives every company the ability to quickly create beautiful documentation, and build loyal, productive developer communities.